We develop mathematical models and computational tools to investigate a wide variety of real complex systems, ranging from biological to economic and socio-technological networks. We characterize these systems using massive datasets.

The geometry of complexity

SD/HD+1 models · maps and embedding tools · navigability · multiscale · dimensionality · functional patterns

Networks at the Multiscale

Length scales and distances

renormalization · self-similarity · growth and evolution

Dynamics on and of Networks

The structure-function interplay

Turing patterns · epidemics · opinion formation · decision making · network evolution

Brain Networks

Multiscale features

connectomes · communication · navigability · multiscale

Networks in Cosmology

Discretizing spacetime

directed acyclic graphs · causal sets · Milne cosmology · de Sitter spacetime

Interpretability of Neural Networks

Opening the black box

graph neural networks · feature-enriched network geometry